Coronavirus Metal Price & Forecast Survival Kit
3-Month low-cost access to key tools to manage metal market volatility

Of course the Coronavirus crisis is top of mind to all. Once past the quarantine period, metal buying organizations will continue to grapple with supply continuity and price volatility. MetalMiner put together a 'Coronavirus Survival Kit' to give procurement professionals a real-time market resource at minimum cost to help you put in place the strategies you need to remain profitable. This is a rare, time-boxed promotion to help you stay informed.

Through May 2020, a special Survival Kit is available to metal buying companies only*. Including:

  • 3-Month access to the MetalMiner Insights platform; unlimited corporate usage, real-time price updates along with an embedded forecast
  • 3 MetalMiner Monthly Outlook reports (pdf)
  • 1 Quarterly Update report to MetalMiner's Annual Outlook (pdf)
  • 1 hour of analyst advisory time with Lisa Reisman, Stuart Burns, Don Hauser, and others (within program duration)
  • Option to Credit Costs Against Managed Sourcing Cost Reduction Programs

With over 75+ metal price feeds16 forecasts10 price indexes, multiple global currencies, price history for all metals, correlation capability, you and your entire company can “try MetalMiner Insights” for a prorated cost for 90 days.

Metal Price & Forecast Survival Kit Pricing

3-month program starting at: $2,500**

Make Wise Metal Buying Decisions During This Volatile Time -

Get Your MetalMiner Survival Kit!

* A qualified procurement practitioner:

- Must work in a practitioner, metal buying role

- Applicants subject to review and approval by MetalMiner

- Subscription material may not be shared with any third parties

- Must accept online terms and conditions and agree to pay by card

** Pricing variable based on company size, inquire to learn more