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PRO Expert Survival Pack
Now available to Procurement Practitioners*

Despite the limitations caused by COVID-19, your need to learn more about procurement technology and solutions has not diminished. Since your ability to network and learn is currently restricted, Spend Matters is offering a rare, time-boxed promotion to help you keep informed.

Through May 2020, a special PRO Expert Survival Pack is available to procurement practitioners only* at up to 50% off. This includes:

PRO Expert Tech Bundle Survival Pack Pricing

1-year program: $2,299

3-year program: $1,899 (year 1), $1,699/annually (Year 2 and 3)

Don't let COVID-19 slow down your procurement practices -

Get Your PRO Expert Survival Pack!

* A qualified procurement practitioner:

- Must be a new Spend Matters customer

- Must work in a practitioner role (not applicable for technology providers, consultancies/outsourcing providers or investors)

- Applicants subject to review and approval by Spend Matters

- Subscription material may not be shared internally (without Corporate licensing) or externally

- Must accept online terms and conditions and agree to pay by card